Firstly, thanks to the whole Go community. An active and responsive community guarantees the completion this book.

Specially, I want to give thanks to the following people who helped me understand some implementation details in the official standard compiler and runtime: Robert Griesemer, Ian Lance Taylor, Axel Wagner, Keith Randall, findleyr, Bob Glickstein, Jan Mercl, Brian Candler, Awad Diar, etc. I'm sorry if I forgot mentioning somebody in above lists. There are so many kind and creative gophers in the Go community that I must have missed out on someone.

I also would like to thank all gophers who ever made influences on the Go 101 book, be it directly or indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally.

Thanks to Olexandr Shalakhin for the permission to use one of the wonderful gopher icon designs as the cover image. And thanks to Renee French for designing the lovely gopher cartoon character.

Thanks to the authors of the following open source software and libraries used in building this book:

Thanks the gophers who ever reported mistakes in this book or made corrections for this book: ivanburak, Caio Leonhardt, etc.



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《Go语言101》系列丛书项目目前托管在Github上(联系方式二)。欢迎各位在此项目中通过提交bug和PR的方式来改进完善《Go语言101》丛书中的各篇文章。我们可以在项目目录下运行go run .来浏览和确认各种改动。



The English version of this book is here.